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Saturday 24th of February, 2024

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All LEOs club meeting Room 11 Tue 27 Feb 1.30pm WOR
  Anyone interesting in being part of a club that is focussed on service to the community alongside having some fun with new friends come join us. Bring your lunch so you can eat during the meeting. We are a friendly relaxed bunch so don't be shy.

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Seniors Overseas High School Exchanges TINs
  On Tuesday 27th February we have Your education visiting showcasing High School exchanges in eleven other countries.

On a high school exchange you go and live in another country for a chosen period of time, during which you will attend a local high school and live with a host family. To be eligible for an exchange you need to be aged between 15 and 18 years. The time you will be away can be anything from four weeks to a year. Basically you live your normal everyday life like you do here in New Zealand - you go to school, you catch up with friends and you help out with keeping your room tidy (right?). Except in the case of student exchange you do all of this in another country - learning about a new culture and possibly even a new language, living with a new family and hanging out with new friends.

Interested come along to Room 13 on Tuesday 27th at Interval. (11am)

Seniors Victoria University Initial Visit TINs
  Victoria University has their first visit for the year. Come along to hear what courses you could attend in 2025.
This is a good opportunity to discuss University life even if you were not considering Victoria.
Monday 26 February, Room 13 at 1045-1130.